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What is the Barbarian Race:

Barbarian Race is an extreme obstacle race. Founded by a group of enthusiasts and professionals.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will resolve your doubts.


A big battle in:


Join the army of warriors and experience a true OCR adventure. We guarantee that in addition to the intense emotions, you will also meet people with whom you can have fun and share your passions. Do you want to try? Check out these 4 formats:

Barbarian Race is a true essence of OCR struggles. Take on the Barbarians' leader challenge and learn that sky's the limit

What's the race like? A distance of 6-13 km, the most beautiful obstacle courses in Poland and tens of barbarian obstacles in the way. In addition, you will receive one of the most important artifacts of a true warrior, the Ultima!

Are you afraid of losing? No way! You can approach the obstacle many times! And if it turns out to be too difficult, you get a time penalty and keep running!

  • A distance of 6-13 km
  • OCR dream course
  • Tens of obstacles
  • Race start in Open and Elite waves
  • Unforgettable adventure
  • Fantastic people
  • Great fun
  • Full satisfaction
  • Multiple approaches to obstacles

Were you meant to be a true fighter? Then this race was made for you! Barbarian Arrow is a spectacular test of your speed and agility in combination with a bit of healthy rivalry.

What's the race like? It's a sprint course that's about 300m long with about 8 specifically selected obstacles known from the Barbarian Race courses, and a true barbarian duel (Barbarian Arrow is a race in pairs)

And this whole race spectacle is accompanied by the best fans in the world. You need to be there! Sign up today.

  • Short, sprint course
  • Selected obstacles
  • A speed and agility test
  • Race in pairs
  • A true barbarian duel
  • A unique school of technique
  • An unforgettable cheering of the fans

Do you have a little Barbarian and you don't know what to do with your kid during the race? Sign up your child for "Barbarian Kids" and a specially designed obstacle course is going to wake a great warrior within him!

What's waiting for him? A lot of fun supervised by experienced OCR contestants along with an obstacle course tuned to his physical abilities. But don't you worry, parents! Finishing the race is no mean feat for your brave little one and it's a real

Children are divided into two age groups: 4-8 and 9-12 years and take part in waves consisting of 25 children, the little warriors are rewarded with a commemorative medal at the finish line.

  • Children aged 4-12 years
  • Two lengths tuned to physical abilities
  • A supervision by experienced OCR contestants
  • Great fun
  • A new kind of physical activity
  • A commemorative medal at the finish line

If you love climb ups, then this race was made for you! Shape and endurance matter the most here.

What to expect? A 250 m course at an angle of 35 degrees leading almost to the top of the Adam Malysz hill (ski jump) in Wisła. The start of the race is carried out in few waves consisting of several contestants in 15 minute interval. The most fit contestants can finish this course twice: during the qualifying and the final rounds.

Have you ever dreamed of being like Adam Małysz or Kamil Stoch? Now's your chance to claim Wisła's ski jump! Join us and sign up for the Barbarian Hill now!

  • 250 m course
  • At an angle of 35 degrees
  • A race in waves consisting of a few dozen contestants
  • Phenomenal view
  • Unforgettable experience
  • Become a king of the ski jump



We are waiting for you in the most scenic places of Poland. Get to know the new faces of our native cities and fall in love with the best OCR courses in our country

  • Śiemianowice
    06.04.2019 - 07.04.2019
  • Wisła
    01.06.2019 - 02.06.2019
  • Ustroń
    28.09.2019 - 29.09.2019
  • Brenna


What is Barbarian Race?

Get to know our world and join us!


Barbarian to bieg przeszkodowy, który cechuje surowość i dzikość uzupełnione o dużą dawkę pozytywnej rywalizacji oraz ogromną porcję dobrej zabawy. To możliwość pokonywania własnych granic w zgodzie z naturą. Nie bój się wyzwań oraz chwil słabości bo za każdą porażką stoi prawdziwy sukces, a silna wola jest kluczem do zwycięstwa. Dlatego na trasach Barbariana możesz spotkać przeszkody o dwustopniowej skali trudności, które dostarczą niespotykany zastrzyk adrenaliny oraz endorfin każdemu uczestnikowi. Jesteś gotowy rozpocząć nowy barbarzyński rozdział? Czekają na Ciebie 4 formuły: dwa rodzaje biegów głównych czyli Barbarian Opener oraz Barbarian Race, Barbarian Arrow oraz Barbarian Hill.


In the moment of birth, every Barbarian is gifted with a hidden desire, a need to obtain the mysterious ULTIMA. Barbarian Race is an extreme expedition in pursuit of the axe, sword and shield of a true warrior. Therefore, at the finish line of each race, there will be an attribute waiting for you. Collect all the elements of the Ultima and join our army. "Let the wildness of the heart…. like a devastating power that can combust, devour and destroy everything turning it to dust.” Ignacy Krasicki


The Elite wave players have to cover all distance without help from outside. They can not have support from other participants in the race. If you are unable to overcome the obstacles, you lose the ELITA band. Women have the opportunity to not overcome two obstacles. Each unstoppable obstacle mean a time penalty. Participants in this group can get qualifications for the European Championships. In the OPEN wave the classification is also carried out, if the participant does not overcome the obstacle (you can try repeatedly), he is penalized with a time penalty for the final result.

Czym różni się Opener od Race?

Opener to prawdziwa kuźnia Barbarzyńców czyli nowa formuła przygotowana dla osób, które chcą spróbować swoich sił w Barbarianie jednak do tej pory uważały go za zbyt trudny bieg. Specjalnie dla Was zmodyfikowaliśmy nasze przeszkody. Nadal są najwyższej jakości, ale zmniejszyliśmy ich stopień trudności tak aby każdy mógł w pełni cieszyć się swoją przygodą w barbarzyńskim OCR. W Opener nie ma fali Elite. Za niepokonanie przeszkody uczestnik wykonuje 20x padnij powstań. Na mecie na wszystkich czeka pamiątkowy medal (jednak nie jest on częścią Ultimy).


How to overcome Tutorials, instructions

See what you can experience during the course


It's a group of basic obstacles, which you will find pleasing to overcome.


Przy projektowaniu tych przeszkód Wódz już nie miał tyle litości co przy standardzie. Do odważnych świat należy! Najwyżej otrzymasz karę czasową.


You will find vital tips and instructions for specific obstacles here. It's worth checking out!


It's the Barbarian Bible! It contains an instruction that tells you how to properly overcome all the obstacles. This rulebook applies to the Elite series.


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Start Info Ustroń

⚠️ info startowe / start Info 🔥 tutaj English version: here 🔥mapka : tutaj

Barbarian Race najlepszym biegiem OCR w 2018!

Z największa radością pragniemy poinformować, że po raz drugi Barbarian Race został zwycięzcą w plebiscycie na najlepszy bieg OCR w 2018 roku. To największe wyróżnienie jakie mogliśmy otrzymać ponieważ nagrodę przyznajecie WY! Dlatego z całego serca dziękujemy.

FEEDBACK participants

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It's currently the only true obstacle race! Others should learn from that! It tests your stamina in every way. And also your running speed, yeeees, running is the cornerstone, altough a lot of people want it to be less present in this discipline, for whatever reason, it's not crossfit anyway...

Kacper Kąkol

I wish I could give more than 5, there should be BARBARIAN LIT on the scale because it was really lit, great organization and the obstacles... finger-licking good, marvelous and difficult, ready to squeeze everything out of your muscles, Grzesiek Sz and team, great job :D

Krzysztof Borowiak

A well organized race, well-thought-out obstacles and a great vibe. After the third race in 2017 season (Wisła/Tychy/Ustroń) I'm keeping my word and I'll surely take part in the events in 2018!

Wojtek Chołaściński

I've always wanted to try obstacle course racing, and here I am in the Barbarian Race :D It's hard to describe to people who haven't taken part in these kinds of events, and those who have, they sure do know what I'm talking about :D

Kuba Czop

Fuckin' awesome. It was my first race, a great test of your abilities. But that's just the start!

Roksana Spólnik

It's hard to describe, you have to try it for yourself... difficult obstacles, challgenging terrain and a great vibe! You have to be there!

Tomasz Skwarek

Definitely the hardest and the best! Not for wimps!

Kamil Gajda

It's getting better and better. The event in Ustroń was amazing. I recommend it. :)

Dariusz Artur Zięba

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